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Smoked Meatloaf

on 05/30/2012

(sigh)  Well, that went well.  The blogsite has changed things up since my last post and my attempt to put a birthday shout out and photo on the newest recipe post results in only the photo.  Nice.  Oh well!  Smoked Meatloaf, round two.

I’ll give you the condensed version since i’ve already typed this once.  Aren’t you lucky?

Got a wild hair after reading about a smoked meatloaf and had been wanting the hubster to fire up the smoker since the weather’s gotten considerably warmer.  So, here’s the down-low.

Next time you polish off that Marie Callender pie, save the pie pan.  Works great as the container for your smokin’ hot loaf!

Unfortunately i was not in blog-mode but in cook-mode so i didn’t measure anything but here are the approximates.  Had about 2 1/2 pounds of ground beef (80%) and mixed into it about 1/3 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce that i minced; about 1/4 cup or so of steel-cut oats; maybe a 1/4 cup of raw sugar; herbs from the garden–parsley, oregano, and basil; some granulated garlic; onion powder; and crushed black pepper.  Formed  a fat loaf in the pie pan and away she went!  You’ll have to judge for yourself the cooking time.  We were also smoking a pork loin and some bacon-wrapped chicken breasts, so the loaf had company; also the rain was torrential for a while and  cooled the smoker down a bit but she perked right back up like a champ.  That being said, the meatloaf was in probably 4–5 hours but i’m sure it could be done in 3 otherwise.

It was refrigerated overnight and placed in the crockpot this morning, topped with barbecue sauce.  At lunchtime, it was just right!  Love the smoky flavor and that little bit of spicy heat the chipotles added.

As i said in the post that disappeared, i missed posting on my sweet Ashley’s birthday so this is a belated HAPPY, HAPPY! to my girl.  Little Panda, you bring so much joy to all who are blessed to know you, especially me!  Wishing God will bless you with many more wonderful years!


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