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So Like Sonic’s Cherry Limeade

on 02/08/2012

Hello,Children!  Hope this finds all well and having a wonderful start to 2012!  Sorry for my absenteeism of late.  Life has been…interesting!  Nuff said.

This past Friday we had the privilege of hosting a surprise birthday luncheon for a very special lady who just happened to be turning eighty-years-young.  Our beloved Jewel (or Lee-J, as her old Air Force and nursing buddies call her) didn’t know what hit her.  She knew she was coming over for lunch, but not that some of her favorite friends would be there as well.  We enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed her enjoying herself! :0)

Queen for the Day, Lee Jewel Lockard

Tried out a new recipe to serve along with iced tea and coffee and it made a big splash.  Literally.  For some reason it “exploded” on poor Ashley when she tried stirring it in the glass dispenser (you know, those cool ones with a spigot.  Love it!  Gift from Stephanie.  World’s s-l-o-w-e-s-t spigot, but no biggee.)  She and dear Donna had to wipe up the tidal wave, but most of it was still present and accounted for.


This recipe is so, so easy and only 3 ingredients!  Life is good!


So Like Sonic’s Cherry Limade

1 can frozen limeade

1 jar maraschino cherries

1 bottle of lemon-lime carbonated soda  (i double batched this recipe  and one of these sodas was Cherry 7-up)

Allow frozen limeade to defrost a bit before mixing.  Add in cherries with juice and soda.  Mix and serve.

* Can freeze some of the cherries in the cherry juice in little shaped containers ahead of time if serving in a punch bowl/glass container.


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