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Recipe for a Successful Marriage

on 12/22/2011

If more people looked at marriage as a reflection of God and His love for us, i think there would be a lot more success stories.  If you tried to be God’s part in the relationship, you would love unconditionally; forgive freely; think of your beloved foremost; speak well to and of your dearest one; sacrifice your wants, needs, and desires for the sake of your most precious.  Now, just think if BOTH halves of that whole had the same attitude and mindset/heartset.  How wonderful would that relationship be?

i wish i could say that i’ve always lived up to that in my marriage, but, unfortunately, too often  i tweak the recipe my way.  i try to make it a chocolate dessert when i know that Michael loves vanilla.  So the chunky chick needs to stick to the recipe for success and quit trying to put her take on it.

A wonderful lady we were privileged to know and love left this world yesterday.  She lived a long and fulfilling life here and was ready to go.  She had been a widow for quite some time.  It makes you stop and realize that you’re blessed with only so many years on this planet and that you may not have the privilege of ending your run with the person you chose as your “running partner.”  That alone should make us cherish every moment–the not knowing how many of those moments we have.

i thank God for a husband who i honestly believe loves me (if not, the guy should go to Hollywood because he’d be an Academy Award winner!)  We certainly aren’t perfect people or the perfect couple…but we’re perfect for one another.  That, and nobody else would want us, right, baby? ;0)

To my husband of 24 1/2 years, i dedicate this recipe for marriage.  It has been my privilege to be the sous-chef to his chef-de-cuisine.  I hope we get the chance to stir things up a while longer and feed off each other’s craziness.  You really are the cacao of my life.

Recipe for a Successful Marriage

Two equal partners who are willing to be silent partners and put the other first

God–the leavening agent that “lightens and softens the finished product”

Heaping spoonfuls of love, time, sacrificial giving, patience, understanding, forgiveness, laughter, and faithfulness

Pinch of wit, soberness, and spontaneity

Preheat home with prayer, sincerity, and long discussions about the future.

Daily add in more ingredients than the day before.  If relationship seems to sticky, add more love, forgiveness, patience, and concern.  If relationship is too dry, add in unexpected get-aways, walks in your favorite place, candlelit dinners, and head rubs.

Check for overheating and allow to cool to correct temperature.

Be sure to stir continuously.  Failure to do so can lead to scorching words, a burned-out partner, a curdled relationship, and/or a pulling away from the mixture.

Always add more than you think is needed.  You can always add  more but don’t expect a rise out of dough that’s been shortchanged on yeast.

Keep a constant watch.  It may seem like a lot of work but the product is always worth it.

Merry Christmas, Love!


2 responses to “Recipe for a Successful Marriage

  1. Paul Howell says:

    I love your blog. It is a wonderful site and I get much enjoyment from it.

    • choklitluvr says:

      Thank you so much, Paul! That really does mean a lot. It’s been a great outlet for me and does insure that at least SOME of the recipes get passed down to the girls. ha I still owe you for the Corn Chowder recipe!

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