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Recipe for Parents

on 12/21/2011

i suppose i’d be on Santa’s naughty list right now because i haven’t done laundry, cleaned, or gotten back to work on goodies for giving away like i should be doing.  But, ya know what?  i’m okay with that because right now i’d rather be spending time with you.

This year, our church is taking this week especially to try to do things for others as a way of saying “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” Now, i’m not going to tell you everything i’m doing because that would make it less fun for me (the element of surprise and all that…plus, it’s none of your business.  Sorry, but it ain’t.  Do your own acts of love.)  But…i will let you in on one of them.  One of the suggestions we gave was to write a letter/make a phone call to someone who has made a difference in your life.  Anyone who knows me very well knows that i’m much more comfortable when i write.  Therefore, this is my method of choice.

Today, i’d like to combine my “letter” to someone(s) who has made a difference with a recipe.  Not to go all Forrest Gump-y on you, but life is like a recipe.  Or, better yet, it’s the development of a recipe.  You can look at other people’s methods of doing things and see the merit in some of it.  You can see that some ingredients honestly should have been left out…or, conversely, shouldn’t have been neglected.  Thyme/Time is always a necessity.  Sage is important too.  Don’t share your love too (s)parsley.  If you care, let them know that you Mint it.  And…if your name is April, there will always be an overabundance of corn.  ;0)

If i had been half the mother that my Mama is or half the parent that my Bear is,…my girls would have appreciated it!  I mean, what can you say?  It’s easy to look back on your mistakes and wish you’d done differently.  Unfortunately, it’s VERY easy to criticize others’ parenting skills rather than try  to be supportive.  Easiest of all, though, is to look at your parents through the eyes of maturity (and the eyes of maternity!) and see just how very blessed you are/were!

So, to my daughters…although you’re grown, i promise you that i will still work on my parenting skills and try to be the kind of mother you deserve.  I wish you had had the mother that i do.  You’d be the most blessed girls in the world (right after me, of course.)  I promise that i will love you unconditionally and be your biggest fan, just like my father is.  And, thanks to their example, i offer you this recipe of parenthood…because i’ve been observing it from the best.


Recipe for Parenthood

2 people who love God and each other

1 or more children who need to be trained, nurtured and adored

Stable environment

God’s Word

Combine the love of Mr. and Mrs. Full-of-Potential and create or adopt a child.

Spend the rest of the child’s growing years loving; hugging;  teaching;, bleaching; correcting; affecting; praising; appraising; training; explaining; sharing; bearing; being constant; being consistent; being true; helping construe; saying “yes”; saying “no”; explaining why; or because you said so, that’s why! (you know that they know that they already know and they need to know that YOU are in charge, not them.)

Expect mistakes, disappointments, trials, triumphs, happiness, tears, laughter, and periods of contempt–but don’t ever give up on them.  Pray for them.  Praise them.  Love  them.  Discipline them.  When they’re wrong, tell them with love.  When they’re right, tell them with joy.  When you’re wrong,…be adult enough to admit it.

If they stray, pray.  They’ll come back some day.

And always, always be thankful.  They’ll learn that from you, too.

Merry Christmas to the best parents on earth, Steve and Ruth Scott!  Beyond blessed to call you Daddy and Mama!

50th Anniversary Party--December 2006


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