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Pumpkin-Ginger Trifle

on 12/18/2011

Today’s church service was wonderful.  The sermon was great, the Christmas program was well done by all, and, naturally, we had potluck afterwards.  You knew we would eat, didn’t you?

Usually i have no problems deciding what to bring to church for “eatin’ meetin’s” but for some weird reason i just couldn’t hit on “IT” this time until late in the game.  Maybe it’s because of all the goody-making or being more concerned about the Christmas program.  Whatever the cause, the crock pot full of shredded pork with Zesty Peach BBQ Sauce was a late decision.  The dessert…well, there’s a bit of a story there.

Remember a certain Pumpkin-Ginger Pound Cake named in honor of a certain feline who was ill at the time?  Well, i made quite a LOT of it and ended up freezing some.  I also had a frozen pumpkin pie in the same chest freezer.  Cue the fridge and a container of leftover pumpkin puree.  Add in a few things and what do you get?  Pumpkin-Ginger Trifle.

Okay, so i was taking a chance that it would actually work well together and not trying one BEFORE taking it to church.  As usual, God is good and it was well received.  So, if you happened to be there and want to make your own, OR if you’re curious and want to do the same, here’s the low down.

One:  Go to the previous post for Persi’s Pumpkin Ginger Pound Cake and make one.  Or you could buy a ready-made pound cake.  Won’t be as flavorful but would do in a pinch.  Crumble it into pieces.

Two:  Get a small can of pumpkin puree and a small container of whipping cream.  Whip up the cream (or get a large container of ready-made.)  Put half of the cream aside and mix in the pumpkin with the other half.  I added just a couple drops of almond flavoring to the whipped cream, by the by.

Three:  Make or buy a small pumpkin pie.  Cut it into little pieces.

Four:  Buy a can of sweetened condensed milk and see the previous post on how to turn it into caramel.

Assembly:  In a trifle bowl, small punch bowl, or other suitable container, pour a layer (about half) of pound cake crumbs on bottom.  Next, add a layer (half) of the whipped cream/pumpkin mixture.  Follow with a layer of pumpkin pie pieces.  Dollop caramel on top of that.  Repeat the steps and finish off with the remaining whipped cream that was set aside.

I wasn’t smart enough (and was also in a rush this morning) to take a photo before it was “trifled” with, but here’s a picture of what was left over. ;0)

Beautiful trifle bowl painted by the fabulous Tammy Parker

The cute little gingerbread sprinkles on top don't look so cute now


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