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Hot Choc in the Crock

on 12/10/2011

I worry that sometimes you won’t believe me when i tell you something…, that you’ll think i exaggerate about how good something is.  So in order to help you believe me about this recipe, i will tell you this: in the last 3 days i’ve tried 5 new recipes.  Two of them were rather good and with a little tweaking or lack of mess up on my part (not sure which) they could be wonderful.  Two i’ll probably never do again.  The last one…MAMA MIA!  OH!  THIS CHOCOHOLIC IS IN HEAVEN!  I HAVE FOUND MY LIQUID DRUG!!!

Honestly, i kid you not.  I have tried many a hot cocoa and some hot chocolates.  I’ve always wanted to have whatever it was they were drinking in the movie, Chocolat.  Often wondered if it wasn’t just a combination of chocolate and Johnny Depp (hey, let’s be real here.)  But, honey, i have found my hot chocolate Nirvana.

The genius behind this is Crystal at (  Her photos were adorable but it was the list of ingredients that convinced me.  A can of sweetened condensed milk.  A cup and a half of heavy cream.  Two cups of chocolate chips.  Six cups of milk.  Hold the phone and get out the sweat pants!  This has to be ten gazillion calories and sheer bliss.

So, this is what i did.  Axed the heavy cream and used a can of evaporated milk instead and used Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips.  Did i  miss the cream?  Oooooh, no!  Is the dark chocolate a winner?  Oooooh, yes!!!  Michael and Ashley sprayed whipped cream into theirs and i told them they’d regret the contamination.  Seriously.

This is not watery, powdered weakness, people.  This is molten cacao.  This is chocolava.  This is Johnny Depp in a cup.  Or Tim Tebow or whoever strikes your fancy.  But not Baby Bieber.  He would be Hot Vanilla (yuck.)

Get the ingredients, plug in your crock pot and wait for the most wonderful liquid chocolate you’ll ever put in your mouth.  Would probably be wonderful Mayan-style with some cinnamon and chili pepper or with some peppermint for the holidays, but that may be a few crocks from now.

Hot Choc in the Crock

1 1/2 cups heavy cream OR 1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk

1–14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups chocolate chips (milk chocolate for wimps; dark chocolate for serious people)

6 cups of milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pour ingredients into crock pot and turn on low.  Whisk ingredients initially and every so often for two hours.  The longer you wait, the better it gets!

Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful (inside and out!) niece, Haley!!!  If this hot chocolate were a person, it would be you.  Love you!!!

Sweet Sixteen--Haley


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