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Sweet Patootie’s Sweet Potater Surprise

on 10/25/2011

My Sweet Patootie really has been very sweet the last few days.  Now that’s not to say that he isn’t usually sweet…just that he’s been extra sweet.  For instance, he cooked breakfast two days in a row.  Believe me, it beat the cereal and milk i would’ve eaten by a mile!  He’s especially been good to poor little Persi during her illness.  Today he held her for an hour while he worked.  When he finally had to put her down, she hopped up on the back of his chair and completely showered   his head in one of her sneezes.  Poor guy turned his head to the side to look at her and whammo!  She sneezed again.  Instead of being angry, he said sweet things to her and began petting her before going to wash the sneeze gel out of his scalp.  That’s why we love him. ;0)

While i was at the store picking up some essentials, i wandered down the sugar, spice, and everything nice aisle and stared at the marshmallow section.  Have you  noticed all the flavors Jet Puff Marshmallows come in lately?  I’ve bought the strawberry a few times but today spotted one that was made for the Sweet Patootie–Caramel-Vanilla.  And, of course, the germ of a recipe idea was born and away we go.

So this is for you, my Sweet Patootie.  It may not be meat but it is potatoes!  Thanks for being such a wonderful guy.  Sneezy Wheezy and i sure do appreciate it!

Sweet Patootie and Cutie Patootie

Sweet Patootie’s Sweet Potater Surprise

4 cups grated sweet potato (i only needed one really large potato)

2 cups grated apple (used 3 small/medium)

1 bag Kraft Jet Puffed Caramel-Vanilla flavored marshmallows

Pumpkin Pie or Five Spice

Butter or margarine

1/2 cup apple cider or juice

Grate enough sweet potato(es) to make around 4 cups worth (not packed.)  Grate apples to make around 2 cups worth and mix with sweet potato.

Lightly grease a square casserole/baking pan.  Pour half of the sweet potato/apple mixture in bottom and press down.

Line up marshmallows so that they cover the top.  I was able to get all but two of them (36–6 down, 6 across) in.

Cover with remaining sweet potato mixture.  Sprinkle spice along the top and dot with butter.  Pour apple cider/juice on top.

Cover and bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Sneezy Wheezy dreaming of a better day


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