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Poppy Seed-Chicken Casserole

on 10/24/2011

Monday.  The day songs are written about.  Good day for comfort food, eh?  Today’s recipe really does fall under that category.  If it won’t cheer you up/make you feel better/cure what ails ya, you’re in bad shape.  Better get some chocolate to follow it.

Wish i had a kitteh chow version of this recipe for our poor dear Persi.  Little thing will be seeing the vet in a bit because her respiratory infection is worse.  I know she’s not biologically Stephanie’s child but, boy, does she act like her people Mama did when she was little.  Neither one of them can STAND to have their noses cleaned out.  Not that i still do that to Stef, but once upon a time….   Always good to provide comfort food later to make up for your rude behavior in helping them.  Persi’s making quite a dent in the treats bag, let me tell ya.

I haven’t posted this before because silly me knows so many people who have the recipe or have eaten this dish.   Because of that,  i fail to think that not everyone has had that pleasure.  I made two copies of the recipe recently, so obviously it couldn’t hurt to blog it.

If you’re having a Monday that’s gotten you down, throw on your old Carpenters’ album and let Karen put you in a better mood…and have a big helping of Poppy Seed-Chicken Casserole.  Oh, and have a little chocolate handy.  Never hurts.

Poppy Seed-Chicken Casserole 

1 whole chicken or 3 chicken breasts, cooked and diced

1 can cream of chicken soup, undiluted

1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted *

1–8 oz container sour cream

1 roll (sleeve) of Ritz crackers, crushed

1 Tbs. poppy seed

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine

Mix together soup and sour cream.  Pour over chicken which has been placed in large casserole dish.  Mix crackers and poppy seed and sprinkle on top.  Melt butter and pour over cracker mixture.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30–45 minutes

* Part of my family doesn’t like mushroom soup, so i use 2 cans of cream of chicken.  You could also use cream of celery.

I also put my crackers in a baggie to crush them and pour the melted butter (after it’s cooled slightly) in the bag and give it a good shake.


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