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Oh, Snap!

on 09/20/2011

Do you ever associate a certain word or phrase with a certain person?  Or a mispronounced word that your child has/does say?  My girls used to eat “pasghetti” and Ashley liked to eat “kitchen” (chicken) while Stephanie liked “fruit cottontail” (fruit cocktail.)  Then there was the weed-peter and i could go on and on, much to their embarrassment.  Of course, as they’ve grown up, we’ve still associated words with them.  See a nice looking motorcycle and we all think or say, “Sweet!”, thanks to Ashley.  Another of her little sayings was “Oh, snap!” so when trying to name this fruity concoction with Ginger Snaps, that just seemed to be appropriate.

Fall is definitely in the air (when you have to mow the lawn wearing a light jacket and never get hot enough to take it off, you know), so last night a change of pace in dessert was called for.  Now, this was probably not the most fall-fruity recipe but you can fall-fruity it however you want.  I’m constantly hounding you to experiment in the kitchen and am doing it again.  Some people are afraid to try to things.  Don’t be!  Embrace your inner Iron Chef or your Paula Deen!  Just take it a little at the time…and i mean that in more ways than one.  If you think that a little almond extract would be good, use just a drop or two, not a tablespoon to begin with.  You can always add more; it’s the taking away that’s the problem.

Oh, snap!  Persi’s giving me the glare.  It’s way past time for her and Ninja’s morning treat.  Off to satisfy the kittehs.

Oh, Snap!

Large can of peaches (drain about 2/3 of liquid)

1 banana (or more)

1/2 cup blueberries (or more)

Few drops of coconut-flavored oil (if desired; other fruit flavored oils would be great as well)

1 tsp. spices (such as Five Spice, pumpkin pie spice or a mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger,  etc.)

Ginger Snap cookies

Whipped Topping

Almond extract (if desired)

Slice banana and add with partially drained peaches, blueberries, oil and spices in a saucepan.  Heat until warm but not boiling.  Layer Ginger Snap cookies with the fruit mixture.  Top with whipped topping that has been mixed with a few drops of almond extract.  Enjoy!


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