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Chocolate Lover’s Banana Pudding

on 09/17/2011

When life hands you lemons,…well, you know the rest.  Today, life (or should I say Aldi’s grocery store) handed us bananas for 25 cents a pound.  Hard to resist, right?  Michael said we could make banana pudding–hint, hint.  So, we backtracked through the store to pick up puddin’ ingredients and when we got to the pudding mix, a thought struck.  What if you used chocolate pudding and made a chocolate lover’s version?  Well!  We’re on to something now!  Then we walked over to the cookie section and what do we find next to the vanilla wafers?  Fudge-striped cookies.  Magic!  And, being a genius, Michael said it had to have chocolate syrup on top, so there you have it.  Chocolate Lover’s Banana Pudding.

Naturally i could not post this without having done clinical trials.  Both test participants deemed it fit for human consumption.  Who am i kididng?  Michael and i thought it was pretty doggone good–and he’s not even a chocolate lover.  If it passes the Chocoholic Junior’s–Stephanie’s–taste test, we’ll declare it a success.  If you’re a chocofanatic, tell me what you think.  We Chocolatiers have to stick together…until there’s only one last piece of chocolate and then it’s every woman (or man) for her-or-himself.

Chocolate Lover’s Banana Pudding

2 boxes instant chocolate pudding mix

4 cups milk

5 or 6 bananas

1 pkg. fudge-striped cookies, crushed/crumbled

Half a package of Heath Toffee Bits (optional but really good!)

Cool Whip or homemade whipped cream

Chocolate syrup

Prepare chocolate pudding according to directions.

Place half of crushed/crumbled cookies in a large bowl or pan.  Layer half of the bananas, sliced, on top.  Sprinkle on part of the Heath Toffee Bits, if desired.  Spread half of the pudding mixture on top.  Repeat the layers and chill.  When ready to serve, add a generous dollop of whipped cream and even more generous amount of chocolate syrup on top.  Generous.  GEN-ER-OUS.

Crumbled and Crushed Fudge-Stripe Cookies

Layers of Cookies, Bananas, Heath Bits, and Pudding

Banana Puddin. You doin' it right.


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