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Grilled Caprese Sandwich

on 08/12/2011

“You are what you eat.”  Strange.  I don’t remember eating any sexy beasts today. ;0)

But…i did eat one very sexy sandwich!  Oh, baby!  Yes ma’am, that was oh, so fine!  What was it?  (insert evil snicker)  Let’s see.  How long should i string you along?  Okay, i give.  I wouldn’t hold back on you, honestly, i wouldn’t.  Because you need to try this.  You really, really need to try this.  And i’m not saying that lightly.  It was…ahhhh!

Of course i know you’ve already figured it out.  You read the title, for crying out loud.  Dear Miss Ashley asked if she could fix me a sandwich for lunch because she was going to make one for herself.  Well, i’ve been intending to try a Grilled Caprese ever since the tomatoes have gotten ripe but for some reason just haven’t done so.  Pretty soon, the mateys will be a distant memory (the fresh ones, that is) and the basil will probably start to wither as well, so no time like the present.  Now, my girl can make a mean sandwich!  Truly, she can.  This one was no exception.

All you  need is bread, tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive oil and something to grill on.  That’s it.

Ashley brushed the olive oil on honey wheat bread, then “kicked it up a notch” by sprinkling some dried basil, Italian seasoning and sea salt on the oil.  Smart girl!  She began toasting the bread, oil side down, with sliced mozzarella and basil on top.  Once the mozz was melty, she added the tomato, sprinkled with a little salt and pepper, and put the sandwich together, toasting it just a little longer.  Wish i’d thought to take pics but was too busy eating.  Trust me, there will be a next time, so we’ll snap some then.

I highly recommend you try this.  You’ll be one sexy beast.


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