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Best Vanilla Frosting Ever!

on 07/20/2011

Know how you can put forth an effort and the intended thing just doesn’t go as planned?  Twice? haha  I have a container full of mini cupcakes who didn’t get to realize their destiny the first time, went into the freezer, and were thawed out again yesterday in anticipation of being gobbled up today.  BUT…it was not meant to be, so guess what that means?  We’re eating them!  Every last little one.  Now, that’s not necessarily good since i’ve been trying to shed some pounds but i ain’t complainin’ too much.  Just means they were meant to be enjoyed by us and not someone else, right?

Reminds me of a sign i saw last night.  When God says “No”, it’s not a rejection.  It’s a redirection.  I just love that!  Truly i believe that everything happens for a reason.  We may  not understand it now and we may still not know why before we leave this place, but there are no accidents or happenstances.  All things work together for good!  All cupcakes eaten by this chunky chunk of burnin’ love are good! :0)

So, anyway…cupcakes.  I have a little gal (they’ll always be their Mama’s little girls) who thinks this frosting is just the best bombdiggety frosting ever.  And when it comes to vanilla, she’s right!  Now i know a chocolate frosting that i’d have to pledge my loyalty to but this stuff is yumola.  Okay, so it takes a little time to make but, honestly, when you compare it to the ready-made stuff in the can, aren’t you worth it?  YES, YOU ARE!

BTW, if anyone’s interested, i have an awesome recipe for Fat Elvis Cupcakes (banana-chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate-peanut butter frosting.)  Not for the faint of heart, diabetic, prone to hallucinations (of Elvis), etc.


Grammie Bea’s Special Vanilla Frosting (from Recipezaar)

1/4 cup solid Crisco shortening (personally, i use butter)

1/2 tsp. salt (skip if you use salted butter)

2 tsp. vanilla

3 cups confectioner’s sugar (stir if lumpy)

1/4 cup milk


In a bowl, mix shortening/butter, salt, vanilla and 1/3 of the sugar.  Alternate adding milk and remaining sugar.  Mix until smooth and creamy.  Add more sugar to thicken or milk to thin the consistency.

Frosts 2–8″ or 9″ cake layers or 1–9×13″ cake (or lots of baby cakes!)






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