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Tropical Time–Banana Boats and Coconut Limeade

on 07/06/2011

Get on de boat, de Banana Boat.  Okay, all you beach bum wanna-be’s.  This is for us!  And for the waist watchers, this dessert is (or at least CAN be) low in fat and calories.  Ka-ching!

Saw a post on a lady’s blog who recommended a wonderful idea for a campfire dessert and fortunately it works well for grilling too!  We tried it out Monday night and i forgot to have the camera with me, so use that awesome imagination…or better yet, try it for yourself.  You’ll need:

Aluminum Foil (preferably heavy duty)

Bananas (at least one per person; two if you name is Stephanie–ha)

Add-ins (chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, white–fake/not at all–chocolate chips, nuts, marshmallows, coconut,  etc.)


Cut the top and bottom off the banana and slit lengthwise down the middle.  Place on a piece of aluminum foil (we put everyone’s first initial on the “outside” of the foil just so everyone could have their own concoction.)  Fill banana with desired add-in’s (we used dark chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, pecans, coconut and marshmallows.)  Cover and cook on a campfire or grill until warmed through and chips are melted.




Now we gals just ate ours “as is” and it was moluscious!  (That’s Southern for “more than luscious” if you weren’t blessed to be born in the South.)  The boys, though, had to have some vanilla ice cream with theirs and enjoyed it.


Yesterday was hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch (mostly because the humidity was higher than a cat’s back.)  :0) We worked in the yard for quite a while, though, and wore ourselves out.  As a treat last night, we tried a frosty tropical drink that was a doozy!  It’s a little strong so  you may need to “water” it down for some taste buds but for the rest of us, it’ll have you whistlin’ Dixie!

Coconut Limeade

5–6 cups ice, crushed in the blender on highest setting (like a snow cone)

5/8 cup Cream of Coconut (look in the Hispanic section of your grocery)

4–5 Tbs. frozen limeade concentrate

1/8 cup water

I crushed the ice cubes a cup at a time in the blender and then put into a large bowl.  After crushing the last cup’s worth, i added in the other ingredients and mixed well.  Gradually add in the rest of the ice until all is blended.  Serve immediately.


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